Project selection


First of all I determined, what I wanted: learning something new and doing something what I have done before. I browsed the list of projects and made a short list which projects were interested me and why (pros and cons). Then I reduced my list into one or two projects. After I chose one project: mUzima documentation.

Why did I choose it?  I was familiar with writing user manuals and technical documents but I have never worked on an android app before.

After it, I introduced myself and stated working on my first document. While I was writing that document, I found a bug in the application. I reported it and I was curious how to fix it, so I got the code and investigated how can solve the problem. After half an hour, I reported my idea how to fix the bug and I got the opportunity to fix it. So that’s how my story began.

The Journey Begins

So, I’m in! I was chosen for an Outreachy 2018 Winter internship!

This blog is about my internship. During the next three months (04/12/2018 -04/03/2018) I need to blog how my internship goes.

First of all, I’d like to share my story…

I started years ago, when my husband read about Outreachy in Reddit. It was around 2014, just after our son was born. Since that I kept Outreachy in my mind. Now our son is in school and I’m ready to restart my career. I think Outreachy is a good way to do it.

So in September I finished one of my home project and browsed the current projects…